The name Peace Data associates with the russian word "Pizdata", which means "Fucking Awesome".

Peace Data project was born in London in 1999, as an idea to oppose with some bizarre humour the all-too-serious psychedelic trance scene, It started with a language controvercy in the band name, became a sensation in the musical underground world of his motherland-Moscow and quickly spread around Russia and then UK at the beginning of 2000! The First UK's single "Peace Depth" (Resonoise Records / UK) quickly took its place at psytrance charts of legendary dj Goa Gil. The debut album "Peace Data - Peace Depth" made a lot of controvercy in Russia, as the band name as well as the album name actually associates with a Russian swear words. The idea that these words have a "hippie friendly" meanings in English - made the project very popular.
Second wave of popularity came in 2010, when UK based label Arkona Creation released a new album "Peace Data - Infected Washroom", obviously mocking popular trance band from Israel - Infected Mushroom. The idea behind this was to confuse buyers of CD's, make them think that it is a CD of a different band. This album was completely sold out on international festivals in 2010. Considering that the main concept of the album was a strong Music-Without-Drugs statement, it was a sucsess. In 2012 Peace Data came out with a new album called "Trancescenedental", which means "A dental plan for a Trance Scene" on St.Petersburg's SunStation Records.
Although Peace Data became famous for it controvercial ideas, what really intrigued funs was the music itself. Tracks are constructed of an astonishingly unique sound ,which stretches through a wealth of styles in emotive electronics. It's all a big mixture of psygressive, psy-tech, funky, jazzy and very atmospheric sounds filled with ridiculously funny poetry ideas, mixed with punchy basslines, great percussion and lots of crunchy sounds.

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